Is the club considered to be non-profit.? No. At this point the club is covered by GVR's IRS Tax Code 501(c)4 classification.

Will the club ever be classified as non-profit? Yes, at some point. Various options are being explored to attain a 501(c)3 designation. At this time we have a sub account under the Green Valley Foundation 501 (c)3 designation.

Does GVR require a minimum membership number? Yes, if the membership falls below 25 the Board of Directors may close the club.

Do I have to be a GVR member to join the club? No, persons holding a valid Tenant Card may also join.

Can any GVR member join the club? Yes, membership can not be denied to GVR members in good standing.

As a GVR member can I attend a couple of meetings to determine if I want to join the club? No, you can only attend one time before becoming a member.

Can I bring guests who are not GVR members? Up to two eligible guests may accompany a club member only one time during a calendar year. Eligible guests must live at least 20 miles outside of the GVR Boundary.

Does the club operate independently of GVR? Yes, but it must follow all GVR rules and guidelines.

Does the club need Bylaws? Yes, they are based on a GVR template and approved by GVR.

When do I have to pay the annual club dues? New members must pay the second time they attend any club activity. Thereafter dues will be due September 1st of each year.

Can my dues be refunded? No, not for any reason.

What happens to the club assets if the club dissolves? After all bills are paid the assets shall be transferred to GVR.

How long do Officers and Directors serve? For terms of one to three years depending upon the position.

How many Directors are there? Seven.

How are annual dues determined? The club Board of Directors recommends the dues at the time the Annual Budget is prepared and the membership must approve the budget.

When is the Annual Budget approved? At the Annual Meeting.

When is the Annual Meeting? The date of the meeting is determined by the Board of Directors each year. Usually held in January.

Is attendance checked at club activities.? Yes, GVR requires that a log (complete with GVR numbers) be provided to them for all meetings and activities and the club also requires registration at all activities.

What kind of liability insurance does GVR have? GVR provides liability insurance for all sanctioned activities. Coverage is not provided for Directors and Officers.

What kitchen facilities are available to the club? All equipment can be used for cooling and warming purposes only. Coffee and tea may be made. All cooked meals must be provided by a GVR approved catering service.

Does the club have to set up the meeting room?No, all setup is done by GVR in a manner as requested by the by the club.

Does GVR provide all necessary audio visual equipment? Yes.